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Satin finish external halyard Ground set Flagpoles 15ft to 60ft in Stock!

Also on hand are bronze anodized, clear anodized, rope internal halyard and Winch style internal halyard models

Delivery and/or installation available


Choose from lightweight sectional tubing models or cone tapered aluminum styles for residential use. Popular heights for home are 15ft and 20ft.

Typical for commercial propoerties are 25ft to 35ft flagpoles. Most popular are satin finish, external halyard with lockable cleat box and wirecore halyard added.

Fun Facts:

Overall length is 10% longer than exposed height. Example - 2Oft flagpole is 22ft overall and 2ft installs underground.

Foundation sleeve is set in concrete in the ground and the flagpole is stood inside this sleeve.

Increased butt diameter and wall thickness improves wind rating  

Most cities and counties require permits for commercial flagpole installations.  building department determines wind rating requirement if any.  planning department determines height restrictions if any.


external halyard -

rope is on the outside of the pole and ties down to a cleat.  Wire core halyard and a lockable cleat cover box can be added to deter the casual vandal. 

internal halyard -

rope Internal Halyard style - rope is on the inside of the pole.

Winch internal halyard style - Cable and winch on the inside of the pole. flag is cranked up and down. this pole provides the greatest protection against vandalism. 

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Residential Property Quote
External halyard ground set flagpoles in lightweight sectional tubing or one piece cone tapered aluminum versions wind rated for residential use.
Satin brush is a shiny silver and the industry standard . Dark bronze anodized is a dark brown .
Commercial Property Quote
Cone tapered aluminum flagpoles 25ft to 80ft in external and internal halyard versions. Medium and heavy weight models wind rated for commercial use.
Brushed Satin (shiny silver) is the industry standard. Dark brown "bronze" anodized and matte grey "clear" anodized also available.